Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mail Call

This week  I received TWO letters from Kendy, my Indonesian sweetie!

The first letter was a form letter about her dreams for the future. In this letter Kendy said someday she would like to fly in an airplane, meet the President, go sightseeing with her family, be a teacher and meet her sponsor in person. On the back was a very detailed drawing of a teacher (which I think her mom helped her with). She also mentioned that she and her friends decorated Easter eggs together. (I can just picture them all smiling and giggling as they dunk eggs into colored dyes).

The second letter made me cry:

Hello Sponsor. How are you? Here Kendy is well. She has great hope that Dionne is well too. She's grateful to Lord Jesus because He has given her a very kind sponsor like Dionne. She thanks Dionne so much for the money she sent. The money was used to buy Kendy church clothes and shoes.Good Dionne, the game Kendy likes is to play dolls with her friends. She always prays so Dionne will keep blessed and protected by Lord Jesus. Finally, she hopes that someday Kendy and Dionne will meet directly. God bless. Amen.

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