Sunday, September 16, 2012

A note to God

It's week two of Blog Month, and I'm finally getting around to the second post :) The assignment for this week is to write a letter to God about child sponsorship.

I thought this song was fitting...

When I talk to God about Compassion and the children I sponsor, my conversations are usually grateful and angry, which is an odd combination. They look something like this...

Dear God,

Thank you so much for placing Luisa, Kendy, Ulrich and Salif in my life. They are so beautiful, Lord, and they've impacted me more than they'll ever know. Through their letters, they teach me what it truly means to appreciate life. They don't have much, but they give generously and without complaint. One of my kids, Ulrich, has written repeatedly about his favorite food: beans. He tells me how much he loves beans, even though its one of the only foods he has to eat. God, the letters and pictures I receive from these children are very precious. Thank you for the organization of Compassion. They are doing so much good in the lives of these children, and all in the name of Jesus. But God, to be honest, I wish there was no child sponsorship organization called Compassion. I wish no child would know about hunger and lack of education and poverty. In a perfect world, children wouldn't die from the flu and every child would be cared for and loved by their families. But, this isn't a perfect world. This world is full of horrifying imperfections and I don't know why babies die, and toddlers are orphaned. I don't know why clean drinking water is hard to come by, and  school is an unreachable dream for some kids. I don't know why. And I never will. But I will continue trusting in you Lord, and ask you to comfort the hurting. I will continue praying for my sponsored children and writing them letters of encouragement in the hope that they can see Your love for them. I hate that poverty exists, but I'm grateful to know Luisa, Kendy, Ulrich and Salif and I'm grateful for the wonderful work You are doing through Compassion.


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