Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday mail call: perspective changed

After an overly busy weekend, I headed to the mailbox today, taking a small break from doing homework. On the walk there, all I could  think of was deadlines and projects. But then, I saw that beautiful cream-colored envelope with the blue letters that spelled Message From Your Sponsored Child in the stack of mail. I ran back to my house and plopped down on my bedroom floor, tearing open the treasured letter. It was a letter from my sweet Kendy.

She (through her mom) wrote about receiving the picture of my dog and how cute he was. But the next sentences hit me hard:

Kind Dionne, this month in our area, there was a hard wind and Kendy's roof  was damaged. Kendy was very scared, but she's grateful to Lord Jesus who keeps loyal to accompany her and her mother. 

Wow. I'd been worried about getting my schoolwork done, but never scared that the roof might cave in on me while I studied. Little Kendy and her mom have such a strong faith. Their letters constantly remind me to be thankful for each and every day, and praise God during my minor struggles, as they do during catastrophes.

Please pray for Kendy and her family, that the Lord will keep them safe.

God bless,


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